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Great post, but if I may add something to your last point, I would say that a good strategy is to find something that you both agree on first, and then work from there.

Depending on what they believe, that might be difficult, but there is still plenty that both people agree on.

One thing to ask might be something like, “Would you agree that in the case where we have a two explanations, a natural and a supernatural one, the natural one should take precedence?

” Most people, I think, hold to this intuitively even if they might deny it.

they will accuse you of being ignorant of the “facts”.

At least for me it isn’t, and for Chuck it obviously isn’t either.

William: Oh, and by the way, anthropogenic global warming has not been proven. And the voices in my head don’t care about the weather.) I know that, and that’s not what I’m claiming.

I can really think about what the implications are if various metaphysical beliefs are true, whereas before it felt blasphemous to think things like “what would it mean if Vishnu really does exist?

” or “how should I act if Shinto is the true religion? Maybe you don’t feel that you’re in an ideological box right now, but many Christians do, so this statement is not necessarily a non sequitur.

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