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How can you use Yahoo Answers to get traffic to your website?Shannon Moore, General Manager of Trademark Express is currently #2 on the Business and Finance category and has been an active user of the site for more than a year.While that is a let-down for any Internet marketer, questions on Yahoo Answers have been showing up high up in the search engines rankings for various keywords.

Shannon explains it clearly, “Definitely inspiration! Reading all those questions and taking the time to craft all of those answers has generated new ideas for our site, our newsletter, our articles, etc.” Isabel Isidro is the co-founder of Power Home The key is to respond to the questions as best as you can.A solid reputation helps build the confidence of people to do business with you.If other users see the quality of your responses, they’d be curious to know more about you.This is where putting a link to your website in your profile is critical, as users will most likely check out your site and learn more about you.

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