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What bothers me is this ad is another lazy attempt at representation.To feature a Muslim family in a campaign focused on the premise of turkey for everyone, but to offer no halal turkeys reeks of tick box diversity.

On first view, you have to hand it to Tesco for representing Britain in all its wonderful diversity.

I don’t mean to be a party pooper but popping a couple of hijab-wearing Muslim women in an ad is not enough.

Let me be clear, I am not really bothered that I won’t be able to get a halal turkey at Tesco.

This demonstrates an understanding of the Muslim consumer, but as this new Christmas TV ad has highlighted, there is a lack of understanding of how this consumer should be represented in a way that is sincere to them. This would represent Muslims but also enlighten non-Muslims about the sacred month. It’s about appreciating and displaying the cultures, backgrounds and beliefs beyond superficially jumping on the bandwagon of diversity.

The ad is likely to put many Muslims in the mood for some halal turkey, and if they don’t want to settle for some cold turkey slices from the halal aisle I suspect they’ll look elsewhere.

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